These projects are of a different category than what we do in our firm regularly. Clients are from the garments industry. Some are retailers some are clothing brands. Deovaritas and Manuelracim are one of them.

Deoveritas Shirt model

Purpose of these projects was to show the customer unbuilt shirts with thousands of different fabrics. You can not, in reality, make them all and display. But in the web with the help of 3D technology you definitely can. 

Folded shirt model

Not only that Its possible to offer visitors a tool to customize their own shirt. 7cgi can help from the beginning to the end of the process. All we gonna need from you is what and how you want things to be on the web.

Folded shirt 3D model

7cgi helped many brands to build their own product configurator and promote their products in many other ways with the help of 3D visualization technology.

Example of swatches received from client's end