Purpose of the project is a renovation of an existing architecture in NY. The client was not quite sure about the new design. Hence we had to help partially in the design process as well. And they went through a series of experimentation with each space. We crafted a total of 12 images for this project.

Lounge Option 1

With the previous works, we knew the tastes of the client, so the workflow was smoother. The working methods are clear for both and production time are streamlined.

Lounge Option 2

The client also experimented different sets of furniture and fixture. Once we received all the documentation needed we began to model the space, furniture, fixture & appliance at the same time. Thanks to our large team. There was no bottleneck throughout the process.

Hallway Gallery

We selected views and shared them with the client in the early stages. Every singles piece used in rendering is modeled in-house.

Master bedroom option 1
Master bedroom option 2 view 1
Master bedroom option 2 view 2
Her dressing