Are you on a tight rendering project with some crazy custom furniture schedule sent to you? We can help. We have been helping interior design agencies and 3D visualization studios with our "outstanding" modeling skill and teamwork since 2015. Whether you dont have the time or the skill to model the furniture for your rendering just send over the specs. We will deliver properly scaled, named, grouped, layered model. You will sense the touch of experienced hand on your assets. Below is a screenshot from a project FFE we have received.

The client sent whatever they had received. We then collected more photos for each items from the internet before we started working. Infact if there are no photos available for a particular item we are capable to create a 3D model out of just a single photo. Without great quality props or objects you cannot produce great quality renderings. Despite the great rendering skill you have your rendered image will look off if you have poor assets in there. We make sure that the 3D models we produce for the interior visualization matches the reference images close enough for it to look good in the rendering.