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We are a 3D rendering and visualization firm based in Dhaka. We have been in the field since 2013. Since then we worked on many different projects from different parts of the globe. Portfolio demonstrates the quality of work. We are glad to proclaim that quality of our service is even better.  And we are getting better every day.

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Exterior & Interior rendering service

This service includes external or internal rendering of a property. Whether its residential or commercial.  To sell it or to visualize a concept for approval.
Here are some example.

3D modeling

If you have a visualization studio but don’t have time to model architecture or furniture.At the same time you want to render yourself in house then this service is for you.
This service include all type of 3D modeling except character. Example!

Architectural walk through Animation

This service is to give viewer impression of a nice tour through the property. Can be both for inside and outside. Example!

Product visualization

You may have a very good camera but sometime that does not suffice.You need to show off your product in a wide variety of fashion. May be in different colors.Or in different environments, Whether its a furniture, electric device, beauty product or whatever.This service is for you.

Jwelery rendering

Jewelry is a very sophisticated industry. A very good design can also flop due to the lack of proper visualization. This service is to help visualize your designs in best possible manner. Some example!

Interactive panoramas

Interactive panoramas can give your customer a much better sense of space and materialused than traditional renderings. Here he can pan and orbit around to see the whole space.Example!

Realtime visualization

The modern trend is Realtime. Where you want to give more flexibility to your customer than an interactive panoramas.So that they can even interact with your design/visualization themselves. Example!

Automotive rendering

If you want to shoot some images of your vehicle (from bus to bicycle) for marketing.Or want to 3D print some parts before manufacturing them. This service is for you. Here are some of our vehicle rendering.

Many more

The 3D industry is growing very fast. Anyone can take benefit of the technology.And its cheaper than ever. If you need anything related to 3D Just call us or drop us an email.

  • Ask for quotation

    Send us what you have. Drawing/Sketch/revit/archicad model/ reference photo.Or if you have nothing except the idea then explain that to us we can give your idea a life too.Let us know the time frame. When you would like to have your product ready from us?We will get back to you with a quote generally within 12 hours.

  • Planning

    Let us know how you want to proceed. payment method. And discuss/clarify anything at this stage. So that we can keep you happy while the project is in progress and when its done!

  • Drafts & Revisions

    We will send drafts and communicate to clients thoroughly until we reach to the final product. we usually don’t need more than 2-4 drafts depending on the project complexity.

  • Final Output

    Received what you dreamed.

You may like to choose us for the following six reasons:

High quality

In the visualization industry if you compromise with the quality you are most likely going to lose millions of $$.
A bad image is enough to distract a customer from your product/property. A high quality artistic image can speak all words for you. Hand over the sketch/drawing/ideas to us, we will deliver a photographic quality piece of rendering that precisely communicates every detail of your product. If you have a rendering studio we invite you to take advantage of our modeling skill. so that you don’t screw your lighting and rendering just because of some crappy model in the scene. We don’t compromise with the quality and we insist you not to compromise.

Various skill set

We have experts in every category i.e Vray rendering, 3ds max modeling, zbrash sculpting, animation and simulation. So in this case we have less limitations. This makes 7cgi capable to handle a project from scratch to final product. And most importantly something unique.

Our experience

Our experience makes you feel safe with us. As along as you can communicate in English its no matter where you are from. we have around seven years of experience in dealing with people from around the globe with many different types of requirements. Clients are mainly from USA, Australia, Uk, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Spain, France, Turkey, Qatar and some other Arab countries. We quite often find there is something new to learn from our clients and grow from the collaborative experience.

Be in touch with one man

No mater what your project is about. may be sculpting or may be rendering you don’t have to deal with different artists for these different type of skills. its definitely a hassle and time consuming to maintain more than one contact for the same project. So with us you are communicating directly with the director to make sure everything is on track.

Save office space

So by hiring us you are saving office space. Now a days Internet connection is fast. You will experience almost no difference between we are working on a project and your in-house artists working. So why spending money behind more artists, more hardware, Also does it make sense to spend more behind software license?

Competitive price

No matter how great the service is how beautiful the rendering is, the price can be a big concern. This is where The 7cgi gives you comfort. You wont probably get a better combination of price and quality anywhere else.

If you are looking for anything related to 3D visualization. you are most likely our customer. Around 70% of our customers are from the following fields:-

  • Visualization studios
  • Property developers
  • Architects
  • Jewelry companies
  • Advertisement agencies
  • Furniture companies
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Designers